The opening screen. Click the Next button to show the administrators login page.
This is the gateway to administrator dashboard.
The System Administrator can enter and delete the names of users who will have access to the system.
This page displays the names of users and indicates the account type assigned to users. There are
links to edit and delete names and a button to add a new name.
The administrator has control over the privileges for each user type. Additional types can be added.
Here is a list of the views and actions that are controllable:
The available status entries used of the staff page can be added or removed
The text and background color can be set.
The System Administrator can modify the system settings including the words used to describe the
available priority and work order status. Provide an email to receive notifiation when a new work
is created.
Additional fields can be added in one drop drop box or as seperate fields.
The database can be backed up, restored or trimmed.

The End.

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